Problem Uninstalling WhiteSmoke (One or more of the WhiteSmoke files are locked)
Posted by on 2011-11-07 09:24 PM

This error message indicates that one of your running processes is interfering with the uninstall process. You can resolve the issue with this two step process:

1. Locating the interfering process:
       a. Try to Uninstall the software again.
       b. When the error message pops up pay attention to the program that is interfering: "One or more of the WhiteSmoke files are locked by the: ***" the process that is written instead of the asterisks is the process we are looking for.

2. Resolving the issue:
       a. Close all of your programs, if you have a WhiteSmoke window close it by right clicking the WhiteSmoke window inside the Taskbar (usually located on the bottom of your screen) and choosing close.
       b. If the program that we located on step 1.b is not related with WhiteSmoke press Ctrl + Alt + Delete(On your keyboard) to launch the task manager.
       c. Move to the processes (Second tab), look for process that was written in step 1.b (under "Image Name") click it and hit the "End Process" button.
       d. Close all windows and try to uninstall again.
       e. After the uninstalling look for any other programs that might relate to WhiteSmoke like: WhiteSmoke Writer / WhiteSmoke Translator / WhiteSmoke Toolbar and uninstall them as well.

The steps above should resolve the issue, if the problem persists, please contact us again.

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