Reporting an error that WhiteSmoke missed
Posted by on 2011-11-14 07:48 PM

If you believe that WhiteSmoke did not detect an error but should have, we encourage you to send us an example of a non corrected sentence.

We recently added a new feature where users can report to us about missing grammar corrections.

If you clicked on “Check” and WhiteSmoke did not detect a mistake, you will receive a window saying: “WhiteSmoke has finished checking your text. No changes were made." If you wish to report an error, please click the “Do you think we missed an error?” link and send us your examples.

WhiteSmoke is optimised to correct the majority of mistakes in written English texts. It uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to correct errors that are commonly made in the process of writing.

WhiteSmoke cannot detect all errors. Errors made on purpose are fundamentally different to ones that occur in the natural flow of writing. Thus, for example, WhiteSmoke will not offer relevant corrections for extreme spelling mistakes (xhdlsdsdley), nonsensical semantics (The apple ate the bee.), or abnormal grammar and sentence structures (Thinking I mind am gone mountain walk.).

If you keep this in mind and use WhiteSmoke in ordinary circumstances on common texts, the error detection and correction rate will be very high.

Our team is constantly improving the grammar engine and broadening its detection scope, to  maintain WhiteSmoke's position as the most advanced grammar checker available, and make sure that your business correspondence, prose or academic papers are in good hands.