Knowledgebase: Using WhiteSmoke
WhiteSmoke Function Overview
Posted by on 2011-11-13 07:17 PM

WhiteSmoke is the most comprehensive writing tool in the world today. This software is designed to assist you with all of your writing endeavors, from business correspondence to your next novel.
WhiteSmoke operates simultaneously in two parallel modes to improve your writing: correction and enhancement. Featuring the most powerful grammar checker available, it detects and corrects thousands of types of errors including grammar, punctuation and spelling. At the same time, it enhances your text by offering alternatives for words and phrases - a feature that is continuously developed by our research team.

The main functions of WhiteSmoke:

- Advanced grammar, punctuation and style checker.

- Automatically checks all emails sent from Outlook.

- Works wherever you write (Word, PPT, etc.)

- A Self-improvement writing tool with tips.

- Get usage examples with matching adjectives.

- Corrects regular & contextual spelling mistakes.

- Alerts to word repetitions and missing words.

- Translates full texts in one click.

- Includes Hundreds of letter templates.


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