The F2 shortcut key doesn't work (Windows)
Posted by on 2013-11-14 02:29 PM

Please follow these steps to repair your WhiteSmoke shortcut key:

1. Make sure WhiteSmoke is running - use your desktop shortcut or your start menu.

*Note: If WhiteSmoke fails to run, restart your computer. 

2. If WhiteSmoke is already running and the icon in the system tray is unresponsive, restart your computer.

3. Right-click the blue WhiteSmoke icon in the system tray, and click Settings. Under the "Keys" tab, please make sure your preferred shortcut key is selected.

4. If you are on a laptop/notebook computer, try holding the "fn" button (located in the bottom-left corner of the keyboard) and pressing F2.

5. If the problem persists, please contact our support team.

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