The F2 hotkey doesn't bring up WhiteSmoke
Posted by on 2013-11-11 11:29 AM

Please try the following instructions to correct the issue you are experiencing:

1. Open Notepad or Word, enter text and then COPY it by highlighting it and clicking the Ctrl+C on your keyboard. Now open WhiteSmoke and PASTE the text by clicking the Ctrl+V on your keyboard. Now click the "Check" button. Did WhiteSmoke process your text? If it did, WhiteSmoke is working properly but there is something blocking the F2 key from functioning.

2. You can change the settings in your Mac and disable the preset function of the F2 key:
1. Open 'System Preferences'.
2. Under 'Hardware', click the 'Keyboard' option.
3. Choose the 'Keyboard' tab.
4. make sure that the option: 'use F1, F1, F3 etc as standard function keys' is checked.
This should enable you to use your F2 key for WhiteSmoke purposes.

If you are still unable to use the F2 key in order to use WhiteSmoke:
3. Please check your keyboard to see if you have a "F Lock" or a "F Mode" or "FN" button. It is usually located near the top right-hand corner of the keyboard. If you have one, simply press on it once and then try to see whether WhiteSmoke starts working when you press on your function key.
If you are still unable to use the F2 key in order to use WhiteSmoke, please try clicking on the 'fn' key located at the bottom left side of your keyboard and then click the F2 key simultaneously.

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