Proxy or Firewall Blocking WhiteSmoke
Posted by on 2011-11-13 06:18 PM

Technical problems may occur since different organizations have different and unique configurations network and computers. Technical issues vary and may range from connection issues (because of Firewall or Proxy servers, mainly in work placed as in your case) to missing files or lack of space on the user's computer.

Work places and organizations are usually working with some kind of Firewall or Proxy server that protects the employees' computers from harmful applications like viruses but may also block or interfere with other programs' installations like WhiteSmoke.

This issue is very easy to solve: your organization's System Administrator should add WhiteSmoke to the approved list of your firewall or add WhiteSmoke to your proxy server network configuration.

Both procedures are common and simple and are done successfully with numerous organizations WhiteSmoke is working with.


Proxy configuration instructions:

In order to receive the Proxy server configurations, we recommend that you will consult with your organization's System Administrator.

In many cases you may find the details in your connection settings using Internet Explorer:

1. Open Internet Explorer

2. Go to Tools > Internet Options > Connections tab > LAN Settings


Please follow these instruction for proxy setting:

1. Right-click on the WhiteSmoke icon located in the bottom right of your screen, (near the clock).  

2. Click on "Settings"  

3. Click on the tab "connection" 

4. Mark the checkbox "Enable proxy"

5. Enter your Proxy address & port number (Proxy IP address should look similar to the following example:

6. Click "Save".


Firewall configuration instructions:

The Network firewall must be configured to allow WhiteSmoke's installation. You may want to contact your work place System Administrator (IT Team) for further assistance.

We recommend that you ask your System Administrator to add the following IP addresses to your company's firewall exceptions list: and