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How To Use WhiteSmoke Online Editor (Online Version)
Posted by on 2011-11-10 04:48 PM

WhiteSmoke offers its users an online version, also known as "WhiteSmoke Anywhere Online Version" (originally intended for Mac users, but can also be used with a PC)


Please note that the Online Editor is slightly different than our PC and MAC client versions.


Since the Mac version is not 'physically' installed on the computer, there are a few functions that do not work:

1. The F2 feature: Since the Online Editor is online and not installed on the computer, F2 does not activate WhiteSmoke. Also, if you are using Mac it has F2 reserved for brightening the screen. Therefore, in order to use the version on Mac, you can either type your document directly in the WhiteSmoke window, or type it in any other program, and simply copy and paste it to the WhiteSmoke window, or you could hold down the Fn Key along with the F2 Key, or you could reconfigure your F2 Key. For instructions on how to do so please see the Mac Features category.

To have WhiteSmoke check the text, press on the Check button and WhiteSmoke will show you the corrections and enrichment possibilities.

2.  Save & Close: The Online Editor is a webpage, and therefore cannot be "saved & closed". As a result, when you are done editing, you'll need to copy and paste your text into any other program (such as Word).

3. WhiteSmoke Icon: The software in not installed on the computer, thus no icon will appear on your desktop.


The Online Editor is available for registered WhiteSmoke customers with no extra charge.

In order to use the Online Editor please do the following:

1. Click on the link:

2. Enter your log-in details: E-mail address - (the email address you used to register for WhiteSmoke)

Password - (the password provided by WhiteSmoke)


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